‘It was not specified due to some details’

Royer Vasquez Leon It is popularly recognized as the “Peruvian Arturo Vidal” for its look similar to that of the Chilean midfielder. Currently, he plays as a soccer player for the National University of the Altiplano, however, in his career had the option to play in Chile, as revealed by the player himself.

In an interview with the Peruvian media, The popular, Vásquez assured that the “King” wanted to hire him to play for his club. “Yes, they called me from Arturo Vidal’s team, Rodelindo Román, who participates in the Second Division of Chile, but it could not be specified due to some details”he claimed.

The “Peruvian Vidal” also explained why he decided to fix his style to resemble the La Roja midfielder. “When I played in Unión Comercio, in 2013, my teammates told me that I had an air of Arturo Vidal, I didn’t believe it and they encouraged me to have the look like him. I highlight his good game, his temperament, he was not in Europe for years and today he is in a great club like Flamengo”, he indicated.