It was not just a casualty: they assure that Tal Cual would have lost a driver before its premiere

This Monday Tal Cual premiered, the new TV+ program hosted by Raquel Argandoña and José Miguel Viñuela, which came to replace Me Late in prime time.

As Sergio Rojas revealed a few days ago, the Friday before the debut, the panelist Eva Gómez decided to get off the project after a run-in with Quintrala.

However, this would not be the last casualty that the space would have suffered. Since as revealed the filterthe project had planned to have three drivers, but one of them did not appear on screen.

a third driver

The portal revealed that along with Argandoña and Viñuela, the sports journalist, Felipe Bianchi, was also contemplated.

They also pointed out that the communicator “was ready” to join the project, but before signing the contract he was informed that there had been “a mistake” and that they had already hired another person, whose participation did not prosper either.

So they would have decided from the channel to change the format of Tal Cual and have a daily panelist, so there would be five, but after Gómez’s departure they were left with only five for the premiere.

From the aforementioned medium, they pointed out that the reasons given to the journalist would have been a “decorous exit” from the channel, since the decision was supposedly due to a “political factor.”