“It was an intellectual desert”: Dr. Cordero analyzes the case of stolen VIP watches and launches harsh criticism of Tonka

“I always try to get rid of the intensity with which these issues are dealt with on television. Today they gave him all morning. Julio César Rodríguez in CHV, was Tonka’s partner and I said ‘enough is enough, already’. The PDI made a sweep of all those allegedly involved in the issue of trafficking in expensive watches. That was the story.”

In this way, the deputy María Luisa Cordero, better known as Dr. Cordero, referred to the media raid carried out by the PDI in Tonka Tomicic’s house.

In Common sense, the psychiatrist also had words for the “decline” in the public figure of the cheerleader and clarified that “there is a key” point: “It was when she, in an unusual attitude, threw Hermogenes Pérez de Arce out of the program; in this left-wing contamination of television figures, and that is within the goodness of Tonka’s discourse ”.

“His character was exhausted”

“The Tonka began to have that speech in the programs; sentient trees, dogs more important than children, etc. And then this issue culminated in the fact that people who sympathize with the Pinochet and Republican right wing hated it, ”he added.

Finally, Cordero stated that “his character was exhausted. I worked with her and with Martín Cárcamo and it really was an intellectual desert in there”.