“It was a short relationship…”: they uncover Mane Swett’s alleged romance with a renowned actor

A shocking revelation came to light in Faranduland that directly involves Mane Swett and a love affair that few were aware of.

This was revealed this Thursday in the Zona de Estrellas program, where they revealed an affair that he would have had with Claudio Castellón.

The subject arose while in the show space they were talking about the actor’s love history, who recently ended his relationship with Luz Valdivieso.

“This happened when Claudio Castellón was just out of college, when he was just starting to act on television,” revealed journalist Pablo Candia, who clarified that the romance materialized long before the actress met Felipe Braun.

romance details

“They had a relationship that was not very long,” he revealed about the affair, which occurred between 2008 and 2010.

“It was a short relationship, it was not very important,” he added.

In addition, in the conversation other personalities who were linked to Castellón also came out to dance, such as María José Campos (Berotito Verde), Sigrid Alegría, Antonia Giasen, Francisca Walker and Maite Orsini. The latter, it should be noted, recently came out to deny any type of romance with the actor.