It was a joke: influencer who tattooed Messi’s name reveals that it was all a hoax

The case of Mike Jambs, a Colombian influencer who recorded himself while tattooed on his forehead the name of Messi in honor of 10 after winning the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

After recently commenting that he regrets his decision, today the story is different, because now he revealed that it was all a lie.

In conversation with the media The Colombianthe man from Antioquia affirmed that everything was planned: “It must be said that it was a joke all the time and I never thought it would have such importance or that it would go viral worldwide,” the content creator confessed.

To continue with the staging, Jambs had molds to tattoo himself and thus attend interviews and other meetings. In the words of the mastermind, he continued with the game because “if it stopped there it would not have the same reach and the media would not continue talking about the issue, so it would not be able to give the message it wanted to give, which is a reflection about the fact that content on social networks can be misleading.”

After this, they asked him if with this farce he felt that he had disappointed his fans, a situation that he confidently denied: “I don’t think I really failed anyone because everything you see on a social network is sometimes false. Starting with the life of an influencer. A lot of things that people see on a profile are fake.”