“It only depends on a signature”: they reveal the pair of entertainers that would arrive at Good Morning Everyone in 2023

After the departure of Gonzalo Ramírez and later that of Carolina Escobar, the Good morning to all he was left without his animators. For the time being, Gino Costa will be in charge of hosting the morning show, but only until December of this year.

As revealed by the journalist Luis Sandoval during the broadcast of Que te lo dice this Sunday, the state channel would already have the faces that would arrive at the morning’s show.

“TVN would already have, or at least today, October 30, it would already have the pair of animators for Good morning to all 2023″, Sandoval began by pointing out.

“This is about to be confirmed. Eduardo Fuentes would be the man who would come to save the Good morning to all As of 2023, he is the man who would go as a jury of the Viña Festival”, he added.

“Gathered for lunch…”

But the driver would not arrive alone, since TVN would be in negotiations with a well-known entertainer who would have a current contract with another channel.

“It only depends on a signature, that TVN is with the paper like this (asking) ‘please, sign, sign, sign’ because another channel is also fighting this brand-new cheerleader,” revealed Sandoval.

“This week Eduardo Fuentes got together for lunch to convince Diana Bolocco to sign on TVN, who would be the new brand-new host of the Good morning to allLouis assured.

Likewise, the journalist recalled that Channel 13 was also fighting to add the cheerleader to their ranks.

“I understand that this negotiation is still not accepted by Diana Bolocco,” Sandoval clarified, noting that they were still in talks with TVN to reach the Good morning to all.

Of course, Sandoval pointed out that Bolocco had some conditions to join a morning show, having demanded that the program change its schedule until noon. And that she be accompanied by the former producer of Mega, Pablo Alvarado, better known as Pablete.

Check out the full program below: