“It makes your flesh tighten”: Fran Conserva gave details of the aesthetic procedure to which she underwent

The TV+ panelist, Fran Conserva, surprised after revealing in Milf that she underwent an aesthetic intervention to improve her appearance.

During Tuesday’s episode, Claudia Conserva’s sister was honest on her show and revealed that she went to an aesthetic center to experiment with a procedure on her face.

“I fell into the scourge and I did a Hifu. I stretched the caracho, I was going for threads like the ones Berta and Gaby wore. They told me that my skin was very thin, so they had to do this treatment, which breaks your skin, “she said.

“They burn your skin from the inside, and deep down that scar makes your flesh tighten,” explained Berta Lasala, who has also tried the aesthetic procedure.

“The effect is after two months”

“Look, they put me on Hifu, and everyone would say ‘burners, equal pain’, but the machine fires a shot and you see the power and you resist… The effect is after two months, but I did this a month ago ”, affirmed Fran Conserva, who assured that he is satisfied with the intervention.

“Now comes the second session, because it is done a month apart, and there I will see if I need the threads,” added the panelist while showing her before and after on the air.

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