“It makes me nauseous”: Paty Maldonado’s harsh criticism of the agreement for a new constituent process

During the new transmission of Las Indomables, Paty Maldonado gave her acid opinion regarding the agreement reached by the different political forces for a new constituent process.

As was to be expected, the opinionologist was not happy at all with the attempt to change the constitution again and although she threw her darts against the parties of the right.

“One day we said that the left is not going to allow it to lose, because if the left loses in Chile, it loses in Latin America in general,” Maldonado began by saying.

Along the same lines, he added that “they are going to risk it because this is for their benefit.”

“That’s why it causes me nausea, vomiting, excuse the expression at this time, vomiting with retching to see how disgustingly the UDI, and National Renewal, for continuing to hold and continue receiving and managing money, and being powerful… I’m not going to talk about the left, because they do their trick and they do it well with such a bad cuea from us ”, launched Paty.

He also assured that “the problem is those dragged who drop their pants, traitors. Why are they lowered? And why do they accept? Because everything is for their benefit, they are going to continue there, they are going to have positions, they are going to be ministers, they are going to have something in the future”.

“To continue sucking after everything they’ve sucked on,” snapped the Tal Cual panelist.

Later, Paty concluded by throwing her darts against the right-wing parties, pointing out that “the name of conche is very well put…, forgive me.”