“It loads me…”: Leo Caprile is honest and confesses why he moved away from TV

The renowned radio and television host, Leo Caprile, told the firm about why, at 63, he is no longer seen on the screen nor is he heard on any radio.

In interview with Radio DNA, Caprile revealed that he installed an events center in his house, in Curacaví, and he does not plan to leave there. “With the family we developed a new activity that allowed me to get away from the media that had me a little tired, not because they are bad, but because of the routine.”

“Working on Corazón radio for a decade does not allow you to change anything and I am a bustle, quick-moving and that made me first leave TV and then the radio for good,” he was sincere.

“TV loads me…”

When asked if he would return to the microphones, he said that he got used to “a certain freedom” and the radio “has a kind of marked routine (…) It is time to leave space for others, it is not necessary for him to return ”, he expressed.

Of course, he qualified that he could return if they allow him to work from home, with “comfortable hours.” “I already did the hard part,” she said.

“If something takes me out of here, I think I’m going to hate it and since I don’t want to hate the radio, I prefer to wait for the opportunity to do something from here, a podcast can be a territory that I can venture into,” he explained.

Now, when asked about television, Leo Caprile was much tougher: “They invite me to TV and I’m going to get money from them. TV burdens me, it bored me ”.