It is the most successful game on PlayStation

Grand Touring keep celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversarynow with the publication of a new achievement: Polyphony Digital, developer of the driving simulation game, has confirmed that its star saga has exceeded ninety million copies around the world. These numbers officially crown it as the IP most successful of the Japanese giant Sony.

The announcement was made by the director of Polyphony Digital and Grand Touring, Kazunori Yamauchi, through a message published in the Blog Playstation official.

In the article, the Japanese takes the opportunity to review his career in video game development, always marked by his passion for vehicle racing. He indicates that he started at the age of 10 as a hobby, but that he never thought “That would end up becoming my career.”

To close, the director thanked the fans for their unconditional support in this quarter of a century, emphasizing that this colossus of the genre will continue to pursue the beauty of motorsport.

“I think the Gran Turismo series has always pursued ‘Beauty’. The beauty of the cars, the beauty of the scenery, the beauty of the lighting, the beauty of the driving, the beauty of the sounds/music and the beauty of the graphics.”

The Polyphony Digital team appreciated the faithful support that Gran Turismo has received in these long 25 years of releases

Thanks for everything MotorToon Grand Prix

Although Kazunori Yamauchi demonstrates in each installment the affection he has for Gran Turismo, there will always be a video game that will be in his little heart, which he mentioned in his article. Is about MotorToon Grand Prixreleased on the market in 1994 and which ended up defining its success.

“If the plan for something other than a racing game had been as approved, it is very likely that today I would have been creating a title that is not Gran Turismo”

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