“It is not explained”: the curious scene of the kidnapping that unleashed doubts among the viewers of Juego de Ilusiones

game of illusions (Mega) is already in its third chapter and the plot is advancing at a rapid pace. In fact, Mariana (Carolina Arregui) has already discovered that her husband, Julián (Julio Milostich), cheated on her with her best friend, Victoria (Alejandra Fosalba).

Given this, the woman already began her lurid revenge plan against her husband, after sedating him and kidnapping him, and then taking him to a secret room in the basement of his house.

His strategy is not only directed against Julián, but also against his lover, which is why he seeks to make her the main suspect, an objective that is being achieved.

After losing consciousness, he woke up with his arms and legs chained, and he was wearing green overalls. Later, already in advance, she made it clear to him that this will be her “home” from now on.

On social networks, viewers reacted strongly to Mariana’s plan, many even remembered what it was hidden truths (Mega). Also some wondered how she managed to transfer her unconscious husband to her captivity, without her help.

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