“It is more bad than beautiful”: Adriana Barrientos attacked Betsy Camino without a filter

The commented interview of Julio César Rodríguez to Betsy Camino for your late Follow me the good ones was a topic of conversation on the entertainment program Star Zone.

In the panel of the Zona Latina space they talked about the alleged flirtation between the ex-partner that could be seen on the screens. However, they called him “misplaced”, since the journalist has a girlfriend.

It was then that Adriana Barrientos raised her voice and, after assuring that there was still chemistry between the two, lashed out against the Cuban in harsh terms.

“I hate it”

It all started when Manu González assured that Betsy was “very cool”, to which the Leona totally disagreed, according to what was recorded look what he did.

“She is not cool at all, I’m going to tell you altiro, I like her badly, she’s a lead,” Adriana launched.

Along the same lines, he added that “I didn’t send her to tell anyone, she was a lead with me and I was super cool with her.”

Barrientos launched an unfiltered defense against Betsy, assuring that “she is more bad than pretty, she is very bad, super heavy.” Likewise, he insisted that “with me he was a lead.”

Adriana’s acid message to Betsy

“This girl has the smoke on her head, she thinks she’s from Hollywood,” Adriana attacked.

Although he admitted that the Cuban “is beautiful, super pretty”, he sent an acid message to Betsy: “enough, you’re not Rihanna”.

Finally, Adriana returned to refer to the commented interview that the driver conducted, assuring that “the complicity he has with Julio César is unique and by God it is difficult to greet each other with a kiss on the face when the lips already know each other.”

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