“It has become a ring…”: Sergio Rojas and Luis Sandoval launched harsh criticism of the program that replaced Me Late

Sergio Rojas and Luis Sandoval were invited to the Julio César Rodríguez program, Follow me the good ones. During the conversation, the former panelists from Me Late gave their unfiltered opinions about the space that replaced them on TV+: Follow me and I follow you.

It should be remembered that in mid-October, the channel announced the drastic decision to remove from the screens beats me Y I Late Prime. In the afternoon time slot, hosted by Francisco Kaminski, with a panel made up of Titi García-Huidobro, Andrés Baile, Mauricio Israel and, originally, Nataly Chilet.

In the middle of the interview, the JC who is told made a bone query to show business journalists. “How have you seen the program that replaced you? With a height of sights … ”, launched the driver.

“I have seen it, but I feel that it lacks journalistic weight. The mission and the great strength of Me Late is that we always had very good journalistic hits, very good reporting. The program was based on being very informative, at least the one in the afternoon,” Sandoval responded.

Along the same lines, he added: “It lacks that weight that gives you credibility and security when reporting. I think they take the issues very superficially and they lack that support”.

“Very unfriendly”

After this, Sergio chimed in and recalled some controversies with Nataly Chilet, who finally stepped aside from the program after several confrontations with Mauricio Israel live.

“The program has been mutating and has been turning into a ring, because every day you fight with Mauricio Israel, she (Nataly) said that she did not feel comfortable, she felt violated,” Sandoval said.

Julio César then asked why the panelists were fighting, for which Sergio commented that “because Mauricio’s goats are also ripped off pal’ monte”, recalling the fights between Israel and Chilet live.

“On the other hand, since you are going to have Mauricio Israel speaking… for example, he gives Pinilla advice on how to be a good husband. How does he do that? The other day he was advising Savka Pollak about alimony. So, you say, this is all wrong, all wrong, ”said Sergio.

After this, he also spoke of the alleged bad vibes between Nataly and Titi, noting that “I know on the screen when people don’t get along.”

Later, Sergio continued with his opinion, noting that he found the new TV+ program “lacks entertainment”.

“I think it is a very unfriendly program, where they fight among themselves, and what people want is to have fun and have a good time,” he added.

For his part, Julio César commented that what made Me Late different was that they could do humor in space. “That humor key was super hard to replace,” he commented.