“It generated a certain pain in his wadding”: Sergio Rojas assured that TV+ wanted to incorporate a well-known figure into Me Late

After the abrupt end of I beat Y I Late Primespace expanelist Sergio Rojas broke the silence through his program I tell you and told all the details behind the drastic decision of TV +.

The journalist decided this Sunday night to deliver his version of what happened, revealing the complication that his former partner Luis Sandoval had and also referring toto controversy with Iván Núñez -who came out to defend after being targeted as responsible for the end of the program-.

Rojas revealed that one of the channel’s executives (Gonzalo Cordero) wanted to remove Daniel Fuenzalida and the Tónica agency, which was in charge of I beat“of the content production of the channel”.

“It turns out that Gonzalo Cordero wanted to fire part of the panel, including me and Luis Sandoval, because he argued, as I understand it, that we were very ‘low profile’ faces for what he wanted to have. We were nacos for his screen, ”said the journalist.

“It generated a certain pain in his wadding”

After this, he revealed that since the production they had in mind to bring a well-known television figure on the panel.

“The person they wanted to take to work directly, right off the bat, is Raquel Argandoña. Paying her what she wanted”, Rojas declassified.

However, Daniel Fuenzalida did not like this idea very much, according to the ex-panelist. “Daniel has always been very supportive of teamwork and for Daniel, having Raquel in the program caused him a certain pain in the wadding,” he assured.

“She is a woman who is not going to leave for less than five million pesos, which is much more than what we all earned,” he added.

“It was like, why have a woman pay her 5 million while the rest of the panelists, who have pulled the crest, Luchito who makes notes, who makes cell phones, etc., earning much less than her? What makes her worthy of such an important salary? It’s very weird. Starting from there, Daniel did not want to, “said Rojas.

Check out the full program below: