“It can’t be!”: Karen Doggenweiler’s unique meeting with Felipe Braun in the southern office

“It can’t be!” Karen Doggenweiler declared after noon in Nice to meet you (Mega), while walking through the streets of Puerto Varas, Los Lagos Region, and passing by a cafeteria. “That’s not?”.

He touched the glass inside the premises and there, sitting and eating, was Felipe Braun, who greeted warmly with his hand. “But how good!” she exclaimed.

Immediately afterwards, the actor, who for some years has been away from soap operas and living in the South, invited her to come to the premises.

Once inside they both proceeded to embrace affectionately. “So long,” she expressed. “Nice to see you”. Although the meeting seemed casual, he was already with the “tooth” in his ear, ready to talk. “Here you have a very rich breakfast,” he commented.

“You’re very skinny,” she commented when he told her that he was a “glutton.” Immediately afterwards, the interpreter replied that “I’m very chubby”, and mentioned that he was on a diet. “Let’s go little by little,” she added.

Although it is far from melodramas (“I left them”), he said about the performance that “the theater is still part of it and now I am putting together a play, but they are jobs that I will always do here.” They then proceeded to feed.

Later, after a commercial session, both went out into the street to tour the city while talking and talking about Puerto Varas. Regarding Santiago, he admitted that “he misses his friends.”

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