“It blew my mind…”: the unexpected encounter in a mall that dislocated Diana Bolocco

Diana Bolocco faced a particular situation this week in a capital mall, which reminded her of her deceased brother.

According to what he told this Thursday in an Instagram live, everything arose when a woman, identified as Cynthia, approached him in the middle of promoting his new perfume.

At that time, she told him that she was the daughter of César Bravo, one of her father’s best friends.

“She arrives and greets me, hugs me, I was entering the Plaza Oeste mall… She tells me that she is her daughter and that he is already 90 years old,” revealed the Mega cheerleader.

Of course, his surprise was more when he told him that his father remembers them with special affection, especially his brother.

The details of the meeting

“He still has a picture of my brother on his nightstand. Since this man worked with my father, I knew him very well, and he had a picture of Rodrigo, a little boy, on his nightstand. Imagine what a beautiful thing, because he keeps it to this day, “he let off steam.

“Of course, it blew my mind, it stirred everything up, it made me very emotional,” Diana confessed when faced with the unexpected situation.

“Thank you for reaching out, for doing that with me, and I would love to have contact with you. I told my mom and dad and they were very excited too. Thank you for that memory, “concluded the cheerleader.