“It always gave me a bad feeling”: scene that shows who Lucas’s mother is shocked viewers in La Ley de Baltazar

At the end of September, a new character landed on Balthazar’s Law (Mega), Lucas Garuf (Francisco Dañobeitía), a young doctor who came to do his internship in the town of Cochamó.

However, he also came with another mission, which was to find out who his biological parents were, given that he was adopted at a very young age.

Initially, the first suspicions pointed to sister Margarita (Amparo Noguera), who confessed chapters ago that she had a deep “vocational crisis” that led to a night of passion with her eternal lover, Baltazar (Pancho Reyes).

The novel doctor had made some progress in his investigation, when he found Catalina Fernández (María Elena Duvauchelle), the woman who helped give the child up for adoption more than twenty years ago, although she had been very cryptic before Lucas.

However, now everything was revealed after the nun Margarita received an unexpected call, and then went to a secret meeting.

Alone, with Catalina, she told him:

—It’s good that you came… A young man came to see me: your son, Lucas, is looking for you.

Thus, the whole truth was left in evidence to be uncovered very soon before the other characters.

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