Ishin! shows off its minigames in a new trailer

The next game in the “Yakuza” saga will be set in feudal Japan. Like a Dragon: Ishin! it will have minigames and they are inspired by traditional games.

The Yakuza saga, Ryu ga Gotoku and time known by “Like a Dragon”They are games in which there is not only history. In some of their games we spend more time playing the mini-games and side quests than anything else. In Like a Dragon: Ishin! There will be no arcade games, so the mini-games are based on actions people did at that time in Japan and traditional games like “Rock Paper Scissors”.

The minigames in Like a Dragon: Ishin! have been shown in a new trailer. The number of hours that we will spend playing these games is sure to be many. And more if we need these to obtain experience, an object, technique, a weapon for the protagonist or unlock all the trophies and achievements in the game.

In the minigames we can see the commented “rock, paper, scissors”, many card games in which we will find poker, dice games, drinking sake, chicken races and the typical fishing game that SEGA loves to put on almost all of his video games.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! It will be out on February 21 on almost all platforms. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC will be the platforms on which we will see this remake. Because yes, Ishin is a remake remade with the engine of the last Yakuza. Yakuza Ishin was an installment of this saga that came out on PlayStation 3 for Japan. He did not leave those lands like his brother Kenzan’s.

The two games are set in feudal Japan although in different centuries. Ishin is about the arrival of the United States in Japan and the fall of the Tokugawa clan. Kensan for his part takes place 200 years before when Japan began to unify under the Tokugawa government. Let’s see if it’s true that thanks to the success of Ishin we have a remake of Kenzan for the consoles of this generation. They are two games that in the PlayStation 3 generation hurt me that they did not leave Japan.

Font: The tremendous SEGA channel on Youtube