Is the wedding coming? They reveal the details and date of the marriage of Cecilia Bolocco with Pepo Daire

Wedding bells are ringing! And it is that Cecilia Bolocco would already have a date for her marriage with her partner, Pepo Daire.

The journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez made a live broadcast during the night of this Friday, where she revealed that two television divas will get married very very soon: Cecilia Bolocco and Carola de Moras.

According to the panelist from Star Zonethe former Miss Universe would be very close to remarrying – this would be her third time.

“Do you remember that Cecilia Bolocco, a long time ago, had announced that she was going to marry Pepo Daire, with her boyfriend of several years already?” Gutiérrez began by pointing out.

Along the same lines, he explained that “they had said that they were going to get married, but then came the issue of Máximo’s illness, where he behaved very well with her, she has said it but to the point of exhaustion that was her support in that chance, and the marriage was called off.”

After this, the journalist confirmed that Cecilia Bolocco and Pepo Daire “are getting married on October 22, there are 20 days left for the marriage of Cecilia and Pepo. Cecilia kept it very quiet.”

“It will be a super intimate ceremony, very family, in fact, in her house,” revealed the communicator.

“Cecilia kept it quiet, she had not told anyone, only her close ones,” Cecilia concluded.

Check the transmission of Cecilia Gutiérrez below: