is the electric car really attractive to the French?

Aurélien Fleurot, edited by Alexandre Dalifard
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07:18, October 20, 2022

The 2022 Paris Motor Show opened on Monday, October 17. For this edition, the electric car is the global trend and is attracting more and more French people. But is it unanimously accepted by everyone? According to a survey published by the Odoxa Institute, 30% of French people are thinking of turning to electric.

Does the electric car really attract the French? According to a survey published Thursday by the Odoxa Institute, 30% of French people are considering buying an electric vehicle, and 54% a hybrid car. The 2022 edition of the Paris Motor Show, which started on Monday October 17, is marked by a strong presence of these new models. With all the regulations that push manufacturers to turn to 100% electric, this is the trend of this world.

Electric, a divisive trend

A trend that is debating among users. Virgil, a 22-year-old visitor to the show, is unconvinced by the positive environmental impact of electric cars. “What are we going to do with the batteries? How are we going to recycle or store them?”, He wonders at the microphone of Europe 1. “I think that the pollution of an electric vehicle and a thermal vehicle are equal in terms of the longevity of the car, if only for the extraction of the minerals that must be used for the battery,” he adds.

For others, the choice of electric was obvious. This is the case of Thierry and his wife, present at the show. In search of a second car for their home, they will leave on the Dacia Spring. “As we really use it over short distances, we wanted to compare usage and gasoline. How many times we filled up per week or per month. So we decided to switch to electric, it’s really more economical, especially with the current fuel problems”, they rejoice.

Today, the purchase of an electric car still presents some constraints to the French. Beyond the cost (72%), the lack of autonomy (53%) and charging stations (37%) are the main obstacles to the purchase of an electric vehicle, according to the survey carried out by the Odoxa Institute.