“Is that true about Cubans…?”: Neme’s unfiltered question to Karen Doggenweiler after remembering her romance with Camilo Guevara

This Wednesday morning, in Pleased to meet you They started the morning talking about the break between Shakira and Gerard Piqué.

It was then that Karen Doggenweiler and José Antonio Neme began to talk about “despite” and the journalist launched an intimate confession on the subject.

After this, the conversation turned to their old relationships and both commented on their love experiences with people of different nationalities. That’s how the topic came up. Karen’s relationship with Camilo Guevara.

“Have you never been with a Caribbean? Cuba, Cuba, I know that Cuban story. Well, Marco gets a little closer, but he doesn’t make it to Cuba,” Neme joked.

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Along the same lines, he asked him: “How long were you with the Cuban?”

“One year. Yes Camilo. He lived there (in Cuba) and that’s why the relationship also ended, ”Karen honestly answered about her romance with Che Guevara’s son.

Neme asked her if she ever thought of going to live there with her partner, something that Karen denied. “Actually, no, it was very difficult, impossible. She was younger, a pololeo, “said the driver.

Then, Neme made a flirtatious question to her partner, which she understood with a laugh. “There is a myth there, is it true about the Cubans…? yes, no?” Neme asked, embarrassing Karen.

The driver only managed to laugh and then assure that “yes, I like the guerrilla.”

After this, they continued talking about Shakira’s present, who would supposedly be in love again.