“Is it myth or reality?”: Tonka Tomicic’s intimate question to Gonzalo Valenzuela about his nickname “El Manguera”

Gonzalo Valenzuela was invited to the most recent chapter of the Tonka Tomicic program, we have to talk about sex.

In this episode, they talked on the panel about the subject of pornography, so they went to the streets to ask people without a filter if they were consuming this type of video.

After reviewing the opinions of the people, the first to give his opinion was Valenzuela.

“I think it’s hard for people to talk about porn (…) clearly it’s something that delivers fantasy and tools and it’s also pretty unreal. That is what is interesting, that it is fiction. Now, clearly it may be that many people do not see themselves identified with those bodies, with those giant penises”, Gonzalo commented.

“Myth or Reality?”

“But they call you ‘the hose'”, launched Tonka without a filter, referring to a nickname that the actor has carried for years after participating in a play.

Gonzalo responded immediately, noting that “unfortunately, yes, I think phallocentrism is a problem in our society.”

But the issue did not end there, since Tonka then took the opportunity to launch an intimate consultation with the actor on the subject. “But is that a myth or is it reality?” The presenter asked without further ado.

“It is myth, it is myth. I don’t lack anything, I don’t have anything left over, “said Valenzuela.