Is fasting beneficial and could it extend life?Fasting diet

The fastthat is, the act of abstaining totally or partially from eating or drinking for a certain period, It has become a popular trend and practice among dieters who want to lose weight.

Is fasting beneficial?

The biochemist Valter Longo, professor of gerontology, in conversation with Emol, stated that fasting is beneficial.

“Six or seven years ago it was a proven connection in mice. It has now been confirmed in people. Many clinical trials have proven benefits of fasting and also from diets that mimic the physiological processes of fasting,” Longo explained.

The expert is known for his controversial diet that mimics fasting for four or five days, about three times a year.

This diet, in his wordsit is low in calories (about 60% less), proteins and sugars, very plant-based and high in fat from olive oil, walnuts and almonds.

“There are clinical trials that have shown that doing a diet like this reduces glucose and cholesterol levels, eliminates adiposity and lowers blood pressure. A small study we did together with the University of Heidelberg also showed that eThis diet makes it possible for people with diabetes to reduce the amount of drugs they take to control their weight or even abandon them”indicated about the benefits of his diet.

As for the origin of fastthe biochemist stated that “for thousands of years, our species ate a lot in summer, when there is greater food availability and that saved us during the scarcity of winter. But now winter never comes. We eat more than necessary and this can lead to insulin resistance, which is the cause of diabetes. Fasting or fasting-mimicking diets put us back in winter mode, making insulin resistance go away.”

Could fasting extend life?

Valter Longo says it is It is entirely possible to improve quality and extend life with fasting.

“A large review of studies that has analyzed data from two million people worldwide has shown that eating lots of legumes, whole grains, and nuts and little or no red and processed meat lengthens life. If you add fasting or diets that mimic fasting to that diet, I think we can get to live 20 years older than now“, he declared.