Is Benoit Blanc gay? Daniel Craig responds

Following the sequel to Knives Out, the mystery of the Glass Onion, Daniel Craig answers one of the most enigmatic questions about his character. This he said.

A new mystery ran with the bad luck of running into the path of the detective benoit blanc. Known as the best in the world, the investigator returned to the forefront of the saga of Knives Out. On this occasion, his responsibility was to solve the enigma of a murder in the Glass Onionan island made by millionaire Miles Bron (Edward Norton).

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The character played by Daniel Craig it was the only one that repeated in relation to the first film of the franchise. While in the first part the puzzle solver was accompanied by a family personified by stars Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis or Michael Shannon, now there were other cast members. Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, Madelyn Cline, and Kate Hutson were some of the celebrities who joined.

Then again, the whole story was different. The first installment focused on the murder of a rich old man at the hands of one of his relatives. Blanc takes it upon himself to find out who he is and save the victim’s estate. On this occasion, it is the play of an egomaniac who ends up putting all of humanity at risk.


Being Benoit the only constant character, little by little the director rian johnson He is placing more personal elements of this so that the audience knows him. Without making spoilers, in the sequel he is seen more in his individual environment. In fact, his home is shown in several scenes.

In fact, one of the moments in which he is seen in his home immediately aroused everyone’s doubt. An element left in the air the question of whether Benoit Blanc is or not homosexual.

Turns out, in the first act, the detective finds himself hanging out with trivial hobbies and when someone goes looking for him, it’s Hugh grant (playing someone close to Blanc) who answers the door while cooking. The two live alone in an apartment.

It’s an official issue

Although the above does not say anything about the protagonist’s sexuality, since it may be a roommate or a relative, Johnson and Craig referred to the subject. Both the filmmaker and the performer sought to placate any room for uncertainty and clarify the matter.

“We are supposed to reflect life. And that reflects the people in my life. It’s normal, we just don’t make theater out of it. It was something that felt right,” the celebrity told the Sunday Times when asked if the character was gay, which he affirmed.

For his part, the developer, in an interview for the media Deadline, he added, assuring that “it just made sense to me and Daniel. We wanted it to be factual about the character.”

It should be noted that the private detective will return at least once more. Netflix paid more than 300 million dollars for the rights to Knives Out. Therefore, the platform will seek to first make a trilogybut depending on his success he might consider other feature films.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery premiered last December 23th on the streaming platform.