Investigation Reveals Root of Problem and Demands Nintendo Controller Replacements

Although it seems that the controversy of the famous Joy-Con Drift had been forgotten at a time when nintendoswitch is experiencing its best days in terms of launches and exclusives, consumer claims remain strong towards Nintendo For this problem. A new investigation concludes that the famous problem with the joysticks of the Nintendo Switch controls is due to a design problem.

What causes the famous Joy-Con drift?

The person in charge of carrying out this investigation was Which?, a group representing UK consumers. The study took several pairs of controls and found that all had drift, most of them primarily affecting the left control.

  • Although the controls are dust protected, dust and other contaminants were found on the internal components of the control, suggesting insufficient protection.
  • All circuit boards showed wear at the contact points.
  • It was concluded that the drift is the result of a mechanical failure due to use.

Basically the Joy-Con Drift would be caused by a combination of the wear of the plates from use and the accumulation of dust caused by insufficient protection of the controls. According to the study, the problem could affect 2 out of 5 pairs of controls on the market and while most of the times consumers contacted Nintendo support received repairs, many others had to pay for repairs or replace controllers themselves.

The Wich group asks Nintendo to continue investigating the issue, replace faulty units and make it easier for UK consumers to access free support, compensation or refunds.

Nintendo’s response to the Joy-Con Drift

Wich’s study also cites an official response from the Japanese company that we leave you below:

“The percentage of Joy-Con controllers that have been reported with stick issues is small, and we have been making continuous improvements to the Joy-Con sticks since its launch in 2017.”

“We expect all of our hardware to perform as designed and if something doesn’t do as intended, we always encourage consumers to contact customer service who will be happy and open to resolve any Joy stick related complaints. With, including in cases where the warranty may no longer apply.”