Inter CEO says that Arturo Vidal was the most undisciplined

Arturo Vidal continues to make people talk in Europe. The midfielder, who now plays for Flamengo, had a successful time in football on the old continent for a decade. He is remembered for being a multi-champion, winning titles in Italy, Germany and Spain. But his name is also linked to various extra-sports situations.

Giuseppe Marotta, CEO of Inter Milan, who met the Chilean at the Juventus and in the nerazzurridescribes him as “The man of the double life”. The manager gave an interview to the Corriere Della Sera medium and there he was asked about the most undisciplined footballer he met, assuring that he is the one trained in Colo Colo.

It is not the first time that he has been indicated in such a way. In 2020, Giorgio Chiellini, a former teammate of the national team at the Vecchia Signora, stated that The “weak point” of the steering wheel is alcohol. “The soccer player is not a demon or a saint, the distinction that must be made is another, that is, between what is real and what is false. Someone like Vidal sometimes went out and drank more than necessary, everyone knows that, ”he recounted.

Along these lines, the defender assured that he was impressed by the midfielder’s ability, since, according to what he said, he was the best on the pitch despite constantly partying. The great Arthur, a couple of times he did not show up for training, or he arrived being, so to speak, cheerful. But he was never overcome by this bohemian life, on the contrary, I think that, in a certain way, it gave him more strength when it came to giving himself on the field, ”said the Italian.

Arturo Vidal and Antonio Conte, at Juventus. Photo: AP/Massimo Pinca

The record of the former Bayern Munich is extensive. One of his last controversial episodes in Europe was in 2021, when a video was released showing him wallowing in his Ferrari in the middle of the street. In the footage, the footballer exposed obvious difficulties in staying upright. On that occasion, from Inter Milan they communicated that: “They are aware of the incident and have already addressed the issue with the player.”

But it is not something that would happen only in the last years of his career. At Juve, the other place where he met Marotta, he also made news. For example, in his autobiography, Chiellini recalled an episode starring Vidal in a team preseasoncarried out in the United States, when they were directed by Antonio Conte.

“We were in Miami, the night before the last training session, before being released. The next morning, Arturo was nowhere to be seen. He was in bed. That day we also tried the new training material, we were all dressed in black and it was 40 degrees: the coach couldn’t wait for Vidal to give up in that state.”counted the defender.

“But after ten minutes in which Arturo still seemed drunk and didn’t even see the ball go by, he finished training by running like crazy. What do you want to say to that person, who among other things brings joy to the group in addition to being a fighter and a great champion?