Instagram allows you to display a dynamic profile photo toggling between an avatar and an image

Instagram intends to provide users with options to further customize the profile, finding new ways to use avatars in 3Dwhich can be created from the platform itself and offer “more ways to express yourself”, according to the goal at the launch of the 3D avatars last year.

Thus, as the social network has indicated through Twitter, users will be able to add their avatar “on the other side” of the profile photo. In this way, people who visit the profile can switch between the image and the avatar simply by sliding their finger to the side in the circle that usually contains the photo.

In other words, as can be seen in an illustrative video shared by Instagram, when the user slides their finger over the image, it will rotate like a coin showing the other side, where the selected avatar will be found. In addition, the avatar will be animated and will make greeting gestures when it appears.

To introduce this novelty, the user will only have to click on edit profile and, later, add the desired avatar. After that, the profile photo will automatically change to this dynamic state. However, you can remove the avatar at any time and leave only the photo, to return to a static profile image. (Portaltic/EP)