Increase in the rate of wear, ceiling of meal vouchers… What changes on October 1st

Each beginning of the month is accompanied by its share of changes. Increase in the ceiling for meal vouchers, increase in the wear rate for mortgages, change for employer contributions on overtime, Europe 1 lists the new features for this Saturday, October 1.

Increase in the ceiling for meal vouchers

From October 1, it will be possible to pay up to €25 per day with restaurant vouchers (restaurant vouchers, lunch vouchers, etc.) compared to €19 previously. This measure was adopted as part of the finance bill with the aim of supporting the purchasing power of the French. This increase was initially due to take place on September 1.

Published Friday in the Official Journal, a decree thus modifies “the terms of use of restaurant vouchers to promote their use, with the increase of the daily ceiling from nineteen euros to twenty-five euros per day”. “With the inflation observed since the beginning of 2022, the government has decided on a permanent revaluation” of these payment vouchers, “in order to cover the increase in food prices from October 1”, the economy ministry said in a statement on Friday.

Implementation of the prevention passport

The purpose of the prevention passport is to improve the accessibility and traceability of occupational health training followed by workers during their career. This document includes the certificates, certificates and diplomas obtained by the worker through training relating to health and safety at work provided on his initiative. These achievements can be recorded by the employer, the training organizations or the employee.

Increase in wear rate

The maximum legal mortgage rate, also known as the usury rate, will increase on October 1 from 2.57% to 3.05% for a loan of 20 years or more, the Banque de France announced. Intended to protect individuals from abusive borrowing conditions, this rate caps all the costs of a home loan: credit rate charged by the bank, any brokers’ commission, borrower insurance.

Flat-rate employer deduction for overtime and days waived

As of October 1, any overtime worked by employees, and each day of rest they give up, will give rise to a flat-rate deduction of employer contributions. This measure will apply in companies whose workforce includes between 20 and 250 employees. To receive this deduction, the employer must comply with the legal provisions relating to working time and ensure that the overtime worked is subject to remuneration at least equal to that of an hour without overtime. Certificate of commitment and knowledge for new animal buyers

For purchasers of a dog, a cat, a ferret or a rabbit, it is compulsory from October 1 to sign a “certificate of commitment and knowledge” which must be signed by the new acquirer. This document indicates that the purchaser undertakes to respect the needs of the animal.