In Uruguay they “celebrate” the FIFA sanctions: “We are saved”

On December 2, the Uruguayan team beat their Ghana counterpart by two goals to nil in the last game of the group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. However, despite the triumph, those led by Diego Alonso they failed to access the round of 16 of the contest for the number of goals scored to the detriment of South Korea.

Once the meeting is over, the Celeste players vented their fury against the refereeing body headed by the German referee Daniel Siebert and even against a FIFA official, as was the case with José María Giménez.

For this reason, this Friday the entity commanded by Gianni Infantino determined sanction four Charrúa footballers -the Atlético de Madrid defender himself, in addition to the goalkeeper Fernando Muslera, the striker Edinson Cavani and the defender Diego Godín- as well as the Football Federation of that country.

After that, the main Uruguayan media reacted with restraint to the punishmentemphasizing that the measures taken against the players are “appealable but in the Association they have already decided that they will not do it”he pointed Ovation from the newspaper El País.

In this sense, the media added that “Inside the doors of the AUF they were satisfied with the ruling taking into account that the article that, for example, was attributed to José María Giménez provided for a sanction of up to 15 games and in the end it ended up being only four”.

José María Giménez received a four-game ban. Photo: AP.

For his part, Referee of the newspaper El Observador -in addition to the punishment of the players- revealed the fact that it will have to be played “A game with the two stands behind the goals without an audience. This implies that Uruguay will have to play its first qualifying match at the Centenario Stadium, the next activity organized by FIFA, without an audience in the Amsterdam and Colombes stands.”they indicated in the publication.

Likewise, the aforementioned medium emphasized the words of the Argentine lawyer ariel rick -professional in charge of defending the footballers and the Association- who declared that “It seems positive to me because they are the minimum sanctions in each case (…). When they give you the minimum, the defense of the AUF and the players is admitted. That means they are considered valid.”.

In this sense, he added that he sees the magnitude of the sanction as something “positive”highlighting that “The AUF collaborated at all times and was always willing. Regretful for the facts, but within the frame they had, in the context of what happened in the game, they had clearly harmed her ”ended.

By last Tenfield stated the scope of the punishment, adding that in addition to the impossibility of saying present in official duels and canceling a fine, “The four sanctioned players must fulfill community football tasks in campaigns designated by FIFA itself”hill.