in the Vosges, SMEs buy gas and electricity together

Tatiana Geiselmann (in Strasbourg), edited by Ophélie Artaud
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8:21 a.m., August 30, 2022

SMEs are largely confronted with the increase in electricity and gas prices. To help them limit the bill and make it easier for them to find suppliers, the Vosges CCI has decided to set up a group purchasing system. Good news for companies, even if the bill should be salty.

Businesses are faced with the explosion of electricity and gas prices. The situation is even more worrying for SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises. In the Vosges, they have decided to organize themselves. They have effectively banded together to put pressure on energy suppliers. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) has just set up a group purchasing system. What allow them to limit the bill a little.

Costs multiplied by ten

A cost multiplied by ten on the energy bill, this is what awaits the company Hydreo next year. What heavily impact the budget, according to the CEO, Clément Benhamou. “Today, we have an energy component which is relatively minor, which revolves around 4% to 6% of our operating costs”, he explains.

“On the other hand, the increases that are preparing for the fall are likely to take us much further. If we have to compare that to recruitment, that represents three or four full-time equivalents.” The entrepreneur therefore did not hesitate to participate in the group purchase of the CCI des Vosges.

A still hefty bill for SMEs

Without that, he wasn’t even sure of finding suppliers. “The contracts are coming to an end and are not renewed by some of our suppliers. In particular, we have a gas company who terminates the contract without wishing to offer us a new one.”

By joining forces, small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to weigh more heavily in the negotiation, but the bill will remain steep, warns Arnaud Guillaume, in charge of the file at the CCI. “We should not expect that we will save money compared to previous contracts. Here, we will really rather limit the breakage.” Interested companies have until September 16 to register before negotiating with suppliers.

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