in the face of inflation, milk producers under pressure

Maximien Carlier (special envoy to Bousbecques) and Baptiste Morin
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08:47, December 06, 2022

The carton of milk officially exceeds the threshold of one euro. Increase in the price of animal feed, energy bills, containers… The general rise in prices explains this increase in milk cartons, which amount to 13% in supermarkets. This inflation also weighs on milk producers.


Are dairy products really our friends for life? With inflation, milk is no longer really the friend of our wallet. Candia, Yoplait, Danone, Lactalis… All warn, prices will increase again next year by 15 to 20%. On the shelves, the carton of milk already costs more than one euro on average. This increase is explained by the increase in the price of animal feed, the energy bill paid by producers and the price of containers, the price of plastic packaging has increased by 15%.

An increase in production costs

In Bousbecque, Hauts-de-France region, Christine owns a hundred dairy cows. All are eating cereals, the price of which has exploded: “Producing a hectare of cereals today costs more than two or three years ago. The world price has soared and it has risen by 30% “.

We must also take into account the increase in the price of electricity and the drought this summer which forced us to dip into stocks. A rise in costs which results in an increase in the price of the milk carton. Income remains meager despite everything for the operator: “We barely earn the minimum wage by working 70 hours a week, it’s no longer tenable”.

2 cents more to get by

“I moved in 35 years ago. At that time, the price per liter of milk was selling for the same price as gasoline in my car,” continues Christine. 48 cents is the price of a liter of milk that it sells to manufacturers. 50 cents, “that would allow us to get out of it”, she insists, otherwise some will reduce their livestock or abandon their profession.