In Roncq, near Lille, a family SME is betting on a four-day week

35 hours in four days, the miracle solution for recruiting? With candidates increasingly demanding in terms of their working conditions, some companies are now experiencing difficulties in attracting employees. Faced with this, a family SME in Roncq near Lille decided to change strategy and adapt. The carpentry company made the winning bet of 35 hours over four days.

Thursday evening is the end of construction for this particular house in Lille. Grégory, one of the company’s eight window fitters, completes his week at the rate of 9 hours a day. “At first I was skeptical, but in the end no. There are construction sites, they have to be finished, that’s how it is”, he testifies. This Friday, this employee is on rest, which gives him a special feeling. “It feels like we have a holiday every week, it’s nice.”

A way to reduce business costs

A long weekend which Rémi, employee of the company and young father, takes full advantage of. “My house is under construction so I have time to do them directly at home. I take care of my children, I can do more activities with them and with my wife, it’s nice,” he explains. -he. If Morgan Tognarini, boss of the company, has decided to switch to this four-day week, it is to retain his employees. Through this, he also sees a way to reduce his costs. “We have less energy costs, especially in diesel. Already, the employees travel four times and not five, the same for the trucks which move one day less. All this makes it possible to save energy and fuel”, rejoices the leader.

This boss still continues to work five days a week because for this SME, the sales and administration cannot afford to close on Thursday evenings.