In full inflation, riskier and more profitable investments seduce the French

Baptiste Morin, edited by Romain Rouillard

Between the rise in energy bills, the price of a liter of gasoline which flirts with the bar of 2 euros and inflation, the French are turning more and more to savings, according to the Ipsos barometer of the circle of savers . And demonstrate a growing interest in riskier investments.

The livret A can be reassured: it still enjoys a high rating with the French who would like to start saving. Classic passbooks remain at the top of the preferred savings products in France since one out of two French people prefers them, far ahead of life insurance. Nevertheless, inflation associated with soaring energy and gasoline prices are driving savers towards other slightly riskier and therefore more profitable investments.

“The idea of ​​generating purchasing power behind”

A phenomenon that is gaining momentum at a time when more and more French people follow the news about savings and financial products. As such, the purchase of shares on the stock market now attracts one in three French people. “The French and especially young French people, as we saw during the Covid, have turned a little more to the stock market. risk-taking which is surely there to generate a little more return, with always this idea of ​​generating purchasing power behind”, analyzes Philippe Dupuy, professor at the Grenoble School of Management and member of the circle of savers.

Behind this heightened interest of the French for savings there is the specter of pensions with the question of retirement on the horizon. One in three French people also say they are thinking about opening a retirement savings plan.