In Argentina they surrender to Miguel Merentiel and advise Colo-Colo to close his contract

The team led by Gustavo Quinteros set their eyes on the Palmeiras gunner to reinforce themselves.

Colo-Colo He has been on a constant up and down in this transfer market. In the first instance, the leadership of Black and White was harshly criticized due to the lack of hierarchical signings, however, as if it were written by a novelist, after the departure of Juan Martín Lucero the additions moved quickly.

According to the above, one of the names that begin to gain more strength to replace the loss of the ex Velez Sarsfield is Michael Merentiel. The current attacker palmeiras he is getting closer and closer to putting on the Eternal Champion’s shirt.

From the other side of the Andes Mountains, the Argentine journalist, Alejandro Fabbri, spoke with the national media BallVip Chile and analyzed the soccer qualities of the Uruguayan striker.

They compare Miguel Merentiel with the Cat

He is a forward that suits for the partner game, he needs to play with wingers. The Uruguayan is very used to looking for centers from the sides, especially low to push it or to turn and score the shot.

It is a battering ram to be reckoned with which did not take place because Palmeiras has a very expensive squad. I think it will help you a lotHe is not such a strong player but he is a box forward who knows how to play with his feet. He is a good addition, ”added the communicator.

It should be noted that one of the things that would bring him even closer to the Cacique would be his assured participation in the starting team. The above is due to at Verdao he only played 10 gamesconverting nothing more than two goals.