Impact on the show: Steven Tyler is accused of sexually abusing a minor

Everything indicates that Steven Tyler is not going to end the year well, and that is that the rock veteran was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old teenager, having an illegal relationship with her, and then forcing her to abort her child, in the 70’s.

Although the Aerosmith leader is not mentioned in the lawsuit filed by Julia Holcomb, the complaint does contain quotes from the memories that the musician published in 2011, where he confesses to having had a “romantic and loving relationship” with a minor .

As reported by Rolling Stone, Julia met Tyler just after her 16th birthday when Aerosmith played a 1973 concert in Portland, Oregon.

The musical legend was 25 years old at the time, and he allegedly took the girl to his hotel and “engaged in various acts of criminal sexual conduct.”


The documents also claim Tyler tried to persuade the girl’s mother to give him custody of her daughter so he could travel with her without fear of criminal liability.

But without obtaining that permission “he continued traveling with her, having sexual relations, providing her with alcohol and drugs.”

In 1975, the young woman became pregnant with Tyler’s son at the age of 17, as she revealed, he forced her to have an abortion. The excuse was that the baby could be in trouble after they had to deal with a fire while she was pregnant, an allegation dismissed by a medical professional.

Holcomb wasn’t sure about terminating the pregnancy, but she did so because the singer had threatened to stop giving her financial support. However, after this fact, the teenager decided to return to her family.