Impact by player who tried to attack a fan after being expelled: he apologized

A controversial situation occurred in a match of the second division of Uruguayan soccer and that, in these last hours, is going around the world.

It turns out that the Rampla Juniors player, Leonardo Melazzi, lost patience when the referee showed him the red card for insulting him in the duel where they visited Sud América.

The incident occurred in the 76th minute of the game, when the player had barely been on the pitch for five minutes. At that moment, the referee showed him the red card for giving him a series of insults.

After cardboard, and according to El País slogan, when he was going to the dressing rooms Melazzi was insulted by the fans of the rival team, an issue that immediately generated his angry reaction.

In fact, the player lost patience and the cars stopped him, so much so that between the bars that separated the fans from the field, he threw a combo that almost hit him.

Even so much was his fury that he tried to go to the other side of the stands to attack the fan, but was stopped by other people who were in the place and could not achieve his goal.


Of course, hours later the same player repented and made a sense of mea culpa on his social networks.

“I want to apologize to the Rampla fans for my unfortunate reaction against a fan who hasn’t stopped insulting me and my family since he kicked me out and badly because I never insulted him”, he let off steam.

“It doesn’t justify my reaction, but footballers are also flesh and blood people and off the pitch we have a life, problems. I was wrong and it is manly to apologize to them, ”he concluded.

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