Imagine Dragons cancels its shows in Chile and Latin America

The group Imagine Dragons announced the cancellation of the concerts they were going to perform in Chile and Latin America during October due to health problems of one of its members.

As reported by the band, its singer Dan Reynolds burden with vocal problems and physical injuries that prevent him from performing this series of shows, which was going to start this Tuesday in Colombia and that had Santiago as a stop for this October 21.

“Dan has been struggling with a vocal cord hemorrhage and a nodule from the last leg of the tour, and her doctor has warned her that going out right now could cause a rupture and irreparably damage her voice. Unexpectedly now too he’s dealing with a pretty bad sprain of the lateral knee ligament that will require splinting and some rehabilitation for some time,” they reported.

For now the authors of “Radioactive” work to reschedule these presentations, so a ticket return system has not been enabled. The dates will be announced in the coming days.

“We will keep everyone informed of the new dates, and we are very sorry to those who have made travel or other plans to see us,” they concluded.