“I’m tired, I put up with a lot…”: Nico Maturana leaves Cobreloa amid death threats

Despite being one of the most important players for a few years, Nicolás Maturana was not having a good time in Cobreloa.

The creation midfielder, who previously passed through the University of Chile and Colo Colo, in fact, confirmed that he will leave the orange store this season. His motives for him? He left them on social networks: he claimed to be tired of the harassment of the club’s leaders and fans.

What’s more, to publicize his case, Maturana shared some of the threats that have reached his message box on his Instagram stories.

“I’m super scared,” he said ironically at the outset, but then announced his departure. In the following lines, the player maintained that “I’m leaving, don’t worry, I’ve endured a lot. And this sending me videos below my building and going down to my parking lot is the last thing.

“I am tired of threats. I got bored of being treated so badly and me giving everything for the club. It is a lot: from the leaders to the fans they have made me dust ”, he concluded.

“In Calama is your coffin. You’re seen, black culiao. I have seen you I know where you arrive, you live. I know everything. You think you’re talking to nobody. Better go to another team ”, is one of the messages that Maturana exposed in the publication.