“I’m still with a very weak heart… I went to black and I can’t get out”: Carlos Caszely confesses that he can’t get over the death of his wife

These days the fans of Colo Colo live their own plebiscite. Indeed, until Friday at noon, fans have the chance to choose between three options; one of them will be the statue that will be sculpted in the Monumental Stadium in honor of the institution’s historic striker, Carlos Caszely.

The tribute, by the way, comes at a moment to say the least delicate in the life of the “King of the square meter”. Let’s remember, last February, he mourned the death of his wife, María de los Ángeles, at the age of 72.

About this, he gave an interview to the site On Court. There he explained that, unfortunately, as a result of the loss of her partner, he is still “very complicated.”

“I am still with a very weak heart, I do not want anything at all, I do not want to do anything, I am in a very complicated moment of my life. Even more so for one, which was 50 years of a wonderful marriage, it is much more complicated, “she started.

In fact, he later maintained that “at this time I don’t see any way out. I am with a psychiatrist, who is trying to help me, to see how we get out of this thing that is so deep, so intense and so negative.”

“But I don’t see, at the moment, any way out, absolutely nothing. As they say on TV: I went black and I can’t go out, ”she completed.

For this reason, the statue that will be built as a tribute to his career is a caress to the soul. And so he also perceives it:

“When (Edmundo) Valladares told me that they wanted to make a statue, the first thing I asked him was: ‘Am I going to die?’ Because all the statues are made after death. After death one is the best, after death one was very good, after death one is everything”.

“So,” he continued, “imagine the pride I feel when they tell me that they are going to make a statue of me while I am alive, even though there is still time to do it, because I am in the front line to go to the other side. It is a great source of pride that they can do it before one goes to the courtyard of the silent ones”.

Finally, he considered that the mechanism chosen by the club for the fans to choose the image that will lead to the statue, “is extraordinary, there is no imposition.” “That they have done it this way seems very good to me, very interesting so that all the Colocolina people are part of all this,” he closed.

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