“I’m staying …”: Luis Jara’s emotional reaction to his wife’s romantic surprise on his birthday

On October 25, the national singer Luis Jara turned 57 and to celebrate it, he received a surprise gift from his wife, Silvana Hasbún.

Through the artist’s social networks, he shared the emotional moment he met his wife in a restaurant.

The record shows Silvana walking through the corridors of the place until she reached the table where her husband was, who was completely shocked to see her partner there.

“I’m roaring…” was the only thing Lucho said before standing up to hug and kiss Silvana, eliciting laughter from his companions.

The woman then reacted very happily, pointing out “I surprised him!”.

“I want to share an unforgettable moment with you. I almost died of shock. He traveled from Miami all day to be together, ”the singer wrote next to the record that he uploaded to his Instagram stories.

Likewise, The singer celebrated his birthday with a heartfelt reflection that he shared with his followers.

“I am at kilometer 57, and I decided not to run anymore. I do not want to miss any of the day to day of this blessing of being very much alive. I love you so much and thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey,” he noted.

Check the record of Luis Jara’s wife’s surprise below: