“I’m sorry to ruin the contact, but no…”: Belenaza’s sincere response after a call from Mucho Gusto

In a special edition of Mucho Gusto, marked by the celebration of Halloween, the hosts of the program talked about the upcoming Viña del Mar Festival.

Along with the journalist Andrés Caniulef, Karen Doggenweiler and José Antonio Neme referred to comedians who could reach the Quinta Vergara in February 2023.

“Belén Mora would be negotiating with Viña”, affirmed the entertainment journalist, generating the quick reaction of the morning entertainer.

To solve the mystery, Karen decided to contact Belenaza.

“Can you explain to me why the fuck they are calling me? What the fuck… did I hit myself now?” Asked the comedian, through the video call.

“We want to confirm or deny that your great talent will arrive at the Viña del Mar Festival,” Neme explained.

“Really? I find out for you”, clarified the former MCC.

“You are our candidate for the Festival, in Olmué you broke it, people had fun, so I think you should be in this version of the Festival”, added Doggenweiler.

“It is a dream that I would like to fulfill, but they have not even called me for the Viña casting. I’m sorry to ruin the contact, but they haven’t called me, “Mora replied.

Gets ready

Karen Doggenweiler: Would you like to be on that stage with Toto?

Belenaza: I share every day with Toto. You will understand that more than sharing the stage, it is already a lot, so I think it is better each one on their own.

Finally, he revealed that “I am always preparing for the Viña Festival, even if they don’t call me. It is very sad”.