“I’m saying things I’ve never said in my life”: Teresita Reyes’ intimate confessions about love and sex

“I ask for very little: a person who makes me laugh,” declared Teresita Reyes in the star grill partners (Channel 13) about a possible boyfriend for the future. “And that I be moderately cultured so as not to fall asleep with him. weon talking weas”.

Her husband, Jorge Giacaman, died in February 2016, making it six years of widowhood and, of course, she does not stop missing him.

Then, on the more physical plane, he declared: “I’m not going to focus on the other because that comes much later, because I need my time, for everything.” About the gallant’s age range, 60 years would seem like a good number.

Immediately afterwards, Jorge Zabaleta asked him if someone had approached him to propose an appointment. “No, not because they are very cowardly,” he assured. “But they do throw me whatsapps and little things.”

She then proceeded to confess, “I’m sure I’m afraid to start another relationship.”

“It’s not the same to dress up…”

From there, before the carvings that Zabaleta and Pedro Ruminot threw about having an eventual carnal encounter, she replied: “There is more important thing in life than having a piece and that’s it.”

Then, he proceeded to explain his “fear” of a relationship: “It’s not the same to dress up when you were 23 years old than when you’re 72”, because “everything falls off and your breasts are on your knees”. Therefore, she specified that “it makes me shy”.

Regarding the “fear” of losing a new love, he said that does not exist, “because I do not want to fall in love again”, in fact, “I want to have a friend… with advantage, if I suddenly like him”. From there she remarked that “I’m serious, I’m saying things I’ve never said in my life.”

“At my age, it is difficult, you are young people; they will see when they reach old age, ”she reflected and closed.

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