“I’m not sexist”: Herman Chanampa explains repudiated sexist comment and confirms departure from TV

After receiving a series of criticisms due to a macho comment during a broadcast of women’s footballthe journalist Herman Chanampa offered a public apology, made a mea culpa and confirmed his departure from DirecTV Sports.

It should be remembered that the controversy escalated to such a point that even the Minister of Women and Gender Equity, Antonia Orellana, criticized the communicator.

Aware of this situation and all the repercussions, the rapporteur stated that “these have been particularly complex days since an error without malicious intent made in a live broadcast, after which I have received criticism from various sectors.”

“As I have also felt the strong support of my co-workers and especially the support of my fellow traveler and programs @martinezrommy, which I value very much, and of many others who know me as a person or journalist,” he added.

Similarly, Chanampa offered “apologies to everyone. I also did so early on Wednesday, when I contacted Iona Rothfeld, president of the (National Association of Women’s Soccer Players of Chile, Anjuff Chile) @anjuffchile to express my apologies for my mistake, which she accepted, valued ‘greatly ‘ and suggested that I make them public.”

However, Herman clarified that “if I stayed out of the public sphere, without expressing myself on social networks, it was to reflect on what happened and fundamentally comply with the indication given by my employer about not issuing statements in this regard. The latter was explicitly requested of me.”

He leaves DirecTV Sports

“Now that I separate my professional path from @directvsports, that I am sure life will give us another opportunity, for whose programs I served for more than six years with the producer Río Negro, I write these lines to emphasize that I firmly believe in equality. of gender, that I am not sexist, that I never seek to hurt people and that I value them without distinguishing sex, creed or race, “he continued.

At the close, the journalist maintained that “this has been my permanent conduct throughout my personal and professional life, which began more than 25 years ago in the mining camp of El Salvador and which today begins a parenthesis. I also want to thank everyone for the time we shared and the respect that many of you lavished on me.”

“It has been years of getting to know women’s soccer, of transmitting the passion, talent and effort of its competitors, of seeing their progress, and of growing professionally in events such as the America Cups, World Cups and international broadcasts, all projects that I treasure personally and journalistically,” he concluded.