“I’m not in a position …”: Nicole Block’s ex-husband broke the silence and clarified serious accusations against him

The repercussions continue after the serious statements of Nicole Block, who this week accused her ex-husband, Juan Cristóbal Meza, of physical and psychological abuse during the time they were a couple.

“Ex-husband or husband: the blows, kicks in the back, whipping me against the wall, cutting your neck so that I would not leave, threatening to kill you so that I would not separate, does not compare with the psychological violence that I have had to endure until now. today”, she in a post she shared on Instagram.

“You invalidated me as a professional, as a woman, as a human being. You abused me in every possible way. Because I repeat, as in the letter I wrote you on 12/17/2019, the day I ran away, with all its letters: you are an abuser. I felt silly for having endured so much, out of fear. But I’m not afraid anymore,” added Nicole in an extensive video that was uploaded to the virtual platform.

And during the week, Juan Cristóbal reacted to the complaint with an enigmatic message, but without referring directly to the subject.

“What is relevant in the lie is never the intentionality of the one who lies. The lie is not something that opposes the truth, but is situated in its purpose: in the vector that separates what someone says from what he thinks in his discursive action referring to others. The decisive thing, therefore, is the damage it causes to the other, without which there is no lie, ”he wrote in the stories of the social network.

Meza’s defense

However, now he decided to break the silence and responded with everything.

“Due to the serious accusations of which I have been, the object of which I must clarify: I have never abused a woman psychologically or physically,” he defended himself from the outset.

And along the same lines, he added: “I am not in a moral, ethical, or even emotional condition to explain Nicole’s behavior. That will have to be done by the same people who use it to sell its headlines and its trashy press”.