“I’m not in a cloned car …”: Ignacia Michelson responded with everything to Vale Roth’s accusations

The scandal broke out! Ignacia Michelson did not remain silent and responded with everything to Vale Roth for her accusations.

The former Yingo girl told through her social networks that this Saturday night at a disco in the capital, they had thrown a glass with a crest and had thrown her on the floor. Although without directly identifying the person who would have attacked her.

“I can’t mess with mines that are bursting either… They’re criminals, they hang out with drug traffickers, they scam people. I can’t get involved with that type of mine, ”Vale assured in his stories.

While it was not known who he was talking about specifically at the beginning, he was talking about the Playboy girl, with whom he had already had problems in the past. Ignacia kept nothing to herself and came out to respond emphatically to Vale’s statements.

“With how many thieves and drug traffickers…?”

As managed to consign the Instagram profile @biitchpostingclMichelson sent a very harsh message for the dancer.

“Let’s see, my loves, you know me, obviously. First of all, I don’t drink at the disco, I only drink tequila, it’s impossible for me to have thrown a forelock at her, ”Ignacia began by recounting.

Along the same lines, he assured that the guards took Vale out of the place for “bothering” Michelson.

“And then she ‘oh, Nacha, I want to talk to you, I want to talk to you’. Then she becomes the one who is going to sue me, oh my love, I am not in a cloned car, ”she launched, referring to Vale’s statements that he said he was going to take legal action.

After this, Michelson sent a missile to the dancer, assuring that “if I have to admit that I was with a drug dealer or a thief, I admit it because I don’t care. But and you? How many thieves and drug dealers have you been with in your life?

Finally, Michelson finished her message by assuring that she recorded everything.

Likewise, he responded to one of the comments on the profile publication that assured that he believed him and that he had seen her on past occasions in a disco. “She has never been aggressive or cures haha ​​if she was a total traveler but never giving juice,” assured a user.

“That’s right, you know me,” replied the DJ.

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