“I’m not afraid, I don’t have to be…”: Gustavo Quinteros broke the silence and spoke after Roberto Tobar’s complaint

The repercussions continue after the controversy that Gustavo Quinteros and Roberto Tobar are starring these days. This, after the latter filed a complaint against the Colo Colo coach for his statements against Fernando Véjar.

It all arose when the Argentine fired without anesthesia against the judge for his commitment in the final of the Super Cup that the whites lost to Magallanes.

“That the National Championship is not directed by referees who are not trained like this one. What happened to us against Palestine on date 7 of 2021, an incredible elbow against Costa in which the VAR told him it was a penalty and expulsion, he did not charge anything. Today in their first goal the striker leans on Ramiro González and said nothing. Then a play that Gil (it was Thompson) went hand in hand did not charge anything. Every time he directs us it is difficult for us to win a game. We can tie, as we tied today, but with this referee… ”, he claimed on that occasion.

“Before the game started, I told the players ‘boys, we have to be very, very superior in this game to win it because this referee is leading us.’ I don’t know if it’s bad or charges against Colo Colo on purpose. But so that we don’t have problems with the players, that he doesn’t direct us anymore, I’ll tell the club to do something. Every time he directs, it hurts us a lot, ”he added.

Gustavo Quinteros’s response

And now, Quinteros in a press conference referred to the legal conflict against the highest authority of the “men in black.”

“I am not afraid. I don’t have to have it. I am available to the court. I will be there on Tuesday. This is out of what interests the Colo Colo fan. I am concerned about what happens on the field of play. I’m going to talk only about the sports part. On Tuesday I will attend the summons, without any fear, ”he said about the appearance that he will have to make before the First Chamber of the Disciplinary Court.