“I’m having a very bad time”: the sad testimony of a woman who moved Neme

A true drama is going through a resident of Valparaíso who came to talk with José Antonio Neme, face of Nice to meet yo that toured the streets of the city of the Port in a new edition of the morning of Mega.

“Lots of love, I see you every day…”, the woman managed to say, who couldn’t help but break down.

“Did he get excited?” the journalist asked him.

“No, it’s that I’m having a very bad time,” explained Cristina.

After asking Karen Doggenweiler, who was looking at the office from the study, for a second, Neme explained that the interviewee “is having a little sad time.”

Immediately afterwards, she explained it herself: “My husband has had terminal cancer for eight months, and he lives with serum, oxygen, morphine no longer does anything to him (…) and I look at her (Karen) and she gives me the joy in the morning because we are both alone, I am the nurse, the doctor of the love of my life”.

emotional moment

Moved by the testimony, José Antonio hugged her.

“Look what a story, ah. They have been together for many years and six months ago they decided to get married. I don’t know, I don’t think I can intervene in Cristina’s pain because it would seem impertinent to me, I only empathize with her pain, and if we can do a little bit every morning, with the crazy things we do (…) help with something, to someone ”, valued the communicator.

Meanwhile, the older adult confirmed what was exposed by the television face: “Even if it is a little, they give us joy, because one raisins locked up.”