“I’m going to TVN the next day…”: Luis Sandoval declassified a “remarkable” gesture that Felipe Camiroaga had

Exactly eleven years after the death of Felipe Camiroaga due to the accident of the flight to Juan Fernández, the journalist Luis Sandoval was encouraged to tell an anecdote in the beats me prime (TV+).

The panelist went back to the late 2000s, the golden years of the animator, who hosted the Good morning to allthe stars Nocturnal animal Y falcon and chameleon (TVN), and even the Viña Festival itself.

Thus, Sandoval recalled from his time as a reporter the multiple sit-ins that were sent waiting for TVN figures to come out in their vehicles from the channel to get a wedge out of them, among them, the “Halcón de Chicureo.”

“He lowered the glass in his spectacular cars”, since “he went out every day in a different car”, he recounted according to Mira Lo Que Hizo. “He was a heartthrob, he was like a dressed mannequin in a car.”

On one of those occasions, “I was interviewing him”, then “the interview ends”, the usual “yes, thank you” came and, immediately afterwards, Sandoval commented to him: “Hey, how nice the tie”, because “of It is true that he dressed very well”, given that “he was a very elegant gentleman”.

After the compliment, Camiroaga asked the reporter if they always sent him to ask the channel questions, to which Sandoval replied: “Yes, I come every day,” although he clarified that “he was going to look for faces, not just the”.

And what happened next?

And so the next day came.

“I’m going to TVN the next day, I’ll get the pertinent wedge, a couple of questions among all the colleagues”, and from there Camiroaga focused his attention on the reporter: “You”, he told him. The animator got out of his car, walked to the trunk, opened it and took out a box: there were five ties of “different shades”. Then he told Sandoval, “This is for you.”

“It was such a nice gesture,” said the journalist when remembering. “I found it so remarkable”, even more so that “they were expensive ties, not just any tie”. So “it really was such a nice gift, from such an important figure,” he declared.

To this day, he keeps that gift and every now and then he wonders: “It is so full of things that, coming home and remembering to bring some ties to a journalist who is waiting for him, is a nice gesture.”

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