“I’m going to say something super unpopular”: Diana Bolocco’s unexpected reflection on infidelity

“I want to talk about Shakira,” Diana Bolocco suddenly launched in a live she did on Instagram on Monday night to promote a new perfume and cream pack, in addition to her swimsuit collection.

“Something happens to me with that subject,” he said about the noisy infidelity that buried an eleven-year relationship, “because they say that (Gerard) Piqué is a villain.” The Barcelona defender recently announced his retirement from football.

“I’m going to say something super unpopular, but I’m at home,” he announced. “I believe that in a relationship there are mistakes on both sides.”

“An infidelity is very hard, I imagine that for her to discover an infidelity is very hard, it is terrible, it is devastating,” he reflected, first putting himself on the side of the singer. “I am not justifying Piqué’s infidelity”, but “what I am saying is that in a story in which one becomes unfaithful, things happen in between”.

“Going back to this deep reflection that I am doing, I want to say that when relationships grow apart, that is the responsibility of both,” he declared. “Obviously, you have a duty to solve that problem in the best possible way, and the best way to solve it is to end the relationship before starting another one.”

“But this thing that in a couple there is only one villain and one heroine, it seems to me that it is not so,” he questioned.

“His songs, in any case, are great,” he launched to clear up any doubts, and brought up “Monotonía”, his new song with Ozuna. “Besides, she had a really bad time because at the time she discovered this infidelity, her father was in a very serious condition at the clinic.”

Therefore, he added, “Shakira if you are seeing me I send you love” and “that these two things come to you together must be terrible.”

“Having said this, I think that each one is better off without the other, because if Piqué liked the other lady; better (for) Shakira, there are more fish in the water, there are second chances, ”she closed.

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