“I’m going home, I can’t concentrate…”: the live surprise that dislocated Carola Escobar

“I follow him in everything, the problem is that he doesn’t follow me.”

With this phrase, the journalist Carola Escobar once again referred to her idol Chayanne. Such as He has said it repeatedlythe communicator is a fan of the Puerto Rican artist.

“I deeply regret the time I had the opportunity to go to a concert, backstage, and I didn’t go because I had a newborn child. I was more a mother than a person”, explained this morning the cheerleader of Good morning to all.

It was in this context that the TVN morning production surprised her with a special greeting from the singer and that was reproduced on the screen:

Hello my beautiful people, I send you a hug, I am Chayanne and I want to say good morning to all of you. Carola, I send you a kiss, thanks for your love, for supporting my music”.

The emotion of Carola Escobar

“Are you sure it was for this Carola? I can’t believe it! Who was responsible for all this?” Carola hastened to ask.

Immediately afterwards, the producer Leo Jeria joined the panel and explained his management: “I knew that when they played Chayanne you would loosen up, so I started with this odyssey.”

“That’s how it’s nice to leave the morning, let’s not do anything else… or I’ll go if you want and I’ll watch that video all the time,” Escobar replied as a joke.

As the minutes passed, still incredulous, she added: “Now, I’m going home today, I can’t concentrate on anything else. My professionalism has just gone the other way”.